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Meet the WeCobot team

WeCobot was founded in 2017, by two engineers with a passion for production processes and automation: Ton Bos and Bas Rutgers. Together with our team, we want to introduce cobots to the world.

Ton Bos
"Let's Collaborate! I really enjoy collaborating with staff, customers and partners."


Bas Rutgers
Development Director
"I enjoy optimising our unique cobot welding software ONE on a daily basis thanks to my passion for automation. I'd be happy to do that for you as well!"


Gerben Ebbers
“Pushing boundaries with and for WeCobot, that's what my passion is. Give me your welding challenge and together we will find a suitable solution!”


Dennis Rooks
Project & Operations Engineer
“The puzzle of delivering the system to the customer as quickly as possible gives me energy!"


Martijn Lesscher
Sales / Welding Specialist
“The dynamic between theory and practice is what makes my job fascinating. Letting a customer experience what a great product we have and showing how it can be a successful solution to their challenge.”


Leona Noordman
"I love being creative. So I'll keep you up to date with all the developments through social media, our website and emails.”


Dennis Ardesch
Welding Specialist
"Being able to communicate my passion and enthusiasm for welding technology and robotics to the customer in order to create a beautiful product, is where I get my energy!”


Ronald Kuiper
Project Engineering
"I'm happy to make sure the welding system works properly at your place, or would you like to use the cobot for something else? I'd be glad to help you then as well!"


Tom Vrugteveen


"Not selling for the sake of selling, but because we really want to help a customer. Finding a suitable solution together gives me a kick."


Astrid Broeksema
"Behind the scenes, I make sure all financial matters run smoothly."


Kevin Joosten

Software Engineer

“I improve our ONE software every single day. I build new functionality and maintain the existing software.”


Marcel van den Berg
Assembly Worker
"Since every customer orders a different configuration, I like to turn individual components into a nice complete working system, tested and all.”


Matt Bultje
Software Engineering
"With my experience in user centric workflow apps and my passion for robotics I will make WeCobot ONE even better. "


Ramon Koolhof
Service & Support
"What energizes me? Solving a problem with a customer or helping them come up with a plan to get even more use out of their cobot!"


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