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WeCobot believes in the fourth industrial revolution. To create a perfect synergy between technology, machine and operator. Not only to ensure production processes to be faster, safer and more efficient, but more fun as well.

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Which type of welding source you use depends on the welding technique. And of course, your own preference. Whether it’s a Fronius, Kemppi or a EWM, the combination of the cobot and our software is compatible with every brand and every type of welding source available. Explore and discover how this collaboration of technology can work for you.








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Together we can achieve anything. Together we are the industry standard for cobot welding solutions. Collaboration is key. It’s not your greatness, nor your uniqueness what makes you ready for the future. It’s the ability to be innovative, keep surprising and always stay a few steps ahead of the game.

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No training is needed. To fully program a cobot, you don’t need to be an experienced programmer. You just need to be able to weld and use a smartphone. The cobot works both on a bench and directly on your welding piece. Because of the magnetic base, which you can attach to the bottom, you can change the location of the cobot easily and manually.

Safe, according to all international standards and even further. All in ONE options for multilayer welding, weaving welding, touch sensing and seam tracking. Compatible with many brands of welding power sources. Our welding kit provides all the needed hardware and software for welding with any type of welding machine.

WeCobot One Teachpendant


WeCobot with magnetic base

No cure
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We stand behind our product 100 percent. So much that we’re convinced our welding solution provides the innovative step your company needs to prepare for the future. It is why we dare to offer a 100% no cure no pay guarantee for the entire purchase value.

Read more about our No Cure No Pay policy.

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A fast, easy and safe totally integrated concept. The JOBz-series is available in various brands of welding sources and comes in different sizes.

In short: plug it in and start welding!

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Cobot with teach pendant


Universal Robots, worldwide market leader, and therefore our number one choice when it comes to cobot welding.With its robust hardware, it’s proven to withstand harsh industrial conditions and always the right reach for perfect welding*.

*applies to the UR10e

  • Reach 1300mm
  • Rotating joints DOF 6-axis
  • Working area orientation 360°
  • Repeatability accuracy 0.05mm
WeCobot Welding Kit

WeCobot Welding Kit

Our welding kit contains all the needed hardware and software for plug and play cobot welding.

  • ONE: the #1 cobot welding app for easy and safe welding
  • Teach pendant cover
  • Robust robot torch
  • Push button station
  • Lightring (YouRing)
  • Robot interface

Extra’s, such as the magnetic base and the different types of features (hardware and software), can be added separately.

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Frequently asked questions

These are our most asked questions. Can't find the answer to your question? Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you make your welding business faster, safer and more efficient.

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  • Your ROI of your cobot welding solution depends on a lot of parameters like: hours of use per day, type of welding work, availability of human welders, etc. In general a cobot can weld faster (higher welding power and speed) with a lot more ‘arc on time’ compared with a human welder. Several customers indicated their ROI between several months and two years.

  • WeCobot has a fast growing network of reseller partners on all continents. Contact us and we will forward your request to one of our reseller partners and keep you updated.

  • We deliver our welding kits from stock. Shipment can take place within two working days. Depending on your location the shipment arrives within 2 days up to 4 weeks.

  • Turnkey means a complete working setup including all the needed items to start working directly. In our case a Cobot + Welding machine + WeCobot Welding Kit.

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