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Aalbers B.V. started out as a construction workshop in Renswoude in 1966, before acquiring the architectural security company Wico in 2001 and renaming the business to aalbers|wico as a result.

With its rich history spanning almost sixty years, the company has since developed from a construction workshop to a leading player in the field of security solutions and production automation.



Alongside its team of 125 passionate employees, of which more than 20 are experienced welders, aalbers|wico provides tailor-made security products for a wide range of customers. These include government agencies – such as prisons, police stations, embassies and defense – as well as financial institutions, museums, airports and the petrochemical industry. Among the company’s product portfolio are solutions that protect against burglaries, bullets, explosions and fire. Aalbers|wico operates within three divisions that function independently: metal & engineering, defense & security and service & maintenance. In short: the company produces everything from facades, doors and frames to the innovative storage systems supplied by the mechanical engineering department of aalbers|farina.


A revolution in work culture

Implementing a welding robot alongside its existing robot in December 2022 marked an important step toward the future for aalbers|wico, which wanted to improve its production process and increase efficiency. After meeting the WeCobot team at a trade show, the company not only sent its own products to WeCobot for testing, but later also decided to participate in an on-site workshop to experience the welding robot’s potential first hand. With the success of the testing, one thing became clear – the cobot was here to stay. Thanks to the expertise, knowledge and dedication of the WeCobot team, aalbers|wico started off on the right foot after the cobot’s smooth implementation in cooperation with Fronius welding partner Ridder Lastechniek.


Productieleider Ed van aalbers|wico


Introducing the cobot didn’t just improve efficiency but it also altered the company’s work culture. As younger team members embraced the new technology and older employees let go of outdated habits, a dynamic and innovative atmosphere was created.


WeCobot Quote

The biggest benefit for us was the change in thinking. The cobot is everyone's buddy.”

Mr. Aalbers, director, 2024


Aalbers Wico edit.00_02_02_33.Still055


As the cobot was implemented to complement the company’s existing robot, it completely revolutionized the aalbers|wico team’s way of thinking and working. While the robot focuses on larger projects, the cobot is left in charge of smaller tasks that require a lot of flexibility, giving the team the freedom to be creative and think alongside the production process: “Plus, you’re left with a better product, and that’s also what it’s all about.”


A future of innovation and quality

Due to the quick delivery period, the cobot proved to be a worthwhile investment for aalbers|wico soon after completing the first project, demonstrating a remarkably short payback time. Remaining progressive in its efforts to further automate its production process, the company is likely planning to acquire a second cobot for grinding work and laser welding.


WeCobot Quote

With our first job, we had already earned back the cobot.”

Ed, production manager, 2024



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